Hybrid student guidelines

Hybrid Student Guidelines
Posted on 02/26/2021
Hybrid Student Guidelines -Please review with your children Student Expectations:
● Wear a mask at all times (unless eating or other physically distanced breaks throughout the day). Masks should be washed at home after use
● Remain 6 feet away from others at all times
● Wash hands frequently and use provided hand sanitizer throughout the day
● Stay home if you are feeling ill or experiencing any Covid-like symptoms
● Bring your own water bottle (Bottle filling stations will be available)
● Bring a fully charged Chromebook & charger to school
● Students must follow these expectations or they could be removed from in person instruction

● Schedules will be posted on the SPS website and social media accounts
● Students must wear a face mask to board the bus
● Students will sit one per seat (2 per seat if same household)
● Unsafe behaviors on the bus may result in a loss of bus privileges

● Face masks must be worn at all times by students and staff
● Buses will unload one at a time to allow physical distancing
● Drivers will disinfect the bus before leaving the school
● Parent drop off will be staggered (follow school officials’ directions)
● Parents and visitors may NOT go into the building beyond the front lobby
● Breakfast will be free for all students as a grab and go from the bus ramp and parent drop off doors
● Students will be directed to their homeroom (common areas will be closed) to eat breakfast and prepare for the day

● Desks will be spaced 6 feet apart and face the front of the room
● Masks must be worn
● High touch surfaces will be wiped down throughout the day
● Resource teachers will travel to classrooms for instruction (Elementary)
● Each student needs his/her own set of supplies (pencils,paper, crayons, etc.)
● All classrooms will be disinfected at the end of each day

Transitions (Middle & High):
● Hallways and stairs will be one way traffic as much as possible
● Students will be dismissed from classes on a staggered schedule to prevent groups from gathering between classes
● Teachers will monitor hallways to ensure traffic is flowing
● Students will not be allowed to use the hallway bathrooms during class transitions

● Lunch will be free to all students
● Cafeterias will be used only if proper spacing is available
● Schools may create more lunch shifts to accommodate spacing
● Students will eat in classrooms if necessary

● Classes will have scheduled breaks throughout the day (Elementary)
● Students will sign out on a log to go during class time (help with contact tracing)
● Bathrooms will be closed during class transitions (Middle & High)
● Custodians will disinfect restrooms throughout the school day


● Students will be dismissed on a staggered schedule
● Students will leave classes when individual bus is called
● Students will be called for parent pick up (follow school officials’ directions)
● In order to maintain safety, the staggered times will cause a delay in daily dismissal

We want to thank you in advance for helping us make this transition back to in person learning as safe as possible! Please contact your school’s principal if you have any questions.