Lost or Damaged Chromebook

Lost or Damaged Chromebook?
Posted on 09/22/2020
If your Chromebook is lost or damaged, you will receive an invoice from our Media Specialist.
The fee scheduled listed below are the costs for Chromebooks repair.

Replacement Charger $ 25.00
Lost or stolen device $100.00

Intentionally damaged or recurring damage fees:
Broken non-touch display $ 50.00
Broken touch display $ 75.00
Keyboard $ 50.00

Unrepairable device (physical damage, case damaged, broken hinge, keyboard
damage, or multiple areas of damage) fees:
HP G4 non-touch $ 25.00
HP G4 touch $ 50.00
HP G5 non-touch $ 75.00
HP G5 touch $100.00
HP G6(A) non-touch $ 75.00
HP G6(A) touch $100.00
HP G7 non-touch $100.00
HP G7 touch $100.00
Payment options are cash, check, and credit card at Online School Payments.